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Becoming a Better "Me" in the "We"©


This Seminar is designed to help couples explore their LOVE BLUEPRINT and the role it plays in their relationship and intimacy. During this workshop, couples will participate in self exploration and intimacy exercises, creating emotional availability and greater connection as they learn to function from the BEST in themselves. 

Sister to Sister©


This Seminar is an open conversation about our feminine design, our bodies and how they work. It explores the huge pleasure gap between men and women that keep women from experiencing their BEST sex life. This seminar explores the concept of the "Crowded Bed" (social,  political,  cultural and religious)  tenets that impact the sexual freedom of women. The seminar is designed to assist women in moving away from having Satisfactory Sex to Sex that is Sensational and Satisfying. This seminar is offered in a group setting in your personal home with your closest girlfriends. 

Sex Lives Matter®


Committed Sex is intentional Sex. This Sex Lives Matter® Seminar is designed for couples who would like to improve their passion and sex lives with one another. Couples will engage in open conversations with each other, explore their sexual style, and develop romantic mental maps necessary to cultivate eroticism and desire.....Bringing Life to the Bedroom. 

Prepare Enrich Seminar


Healthy marriages are the backbone of healthy communities. Relationships thrive when there's understanding.  More understanding and less arguing.  Confidence and clarity to talk about sensitive topics.  Insight on how to be each other's cheerleader and lover.  Whether you are in year 0, 5, 10, 25 or more, the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment will help you visualize your relationship, put facts behind your feelings, and discover ways to open up doors for communication and intimacy.

Parenting with Love & Logic


The Love and Logic approach to parenting is built around the science of crafting caring and respectful relationships. An authentic, loving connection between parents and their children is the root of a healthy, thriving relationship built on trust and understanding. This six week seminar is dedicated to parents wanting to raise self-confident, motivated children who are ready for the real world. Loving, yet powerful tools for parenting children of all ages.  This  seminar is offered in a one on one or group setting in the privacy of your own home, church, or community organization.

H.O.P.E. Relationship Seminar©


Honoring Our stories and Passions Everyday with Honest Open Partner Exploration H.O.P.E.

This Seminar is designed to help couples explore passion, intimacy and  deeper connections with themselves and their partner. Couples will identify expectations of marriage and relationships, finding ways to understand their own stories and having the courage to be authentic and love wholeheartedly.  Bring H.O.P.E back into your relationship through new narratives that promote relational growth. 

Seminars for Singles

The Intimacy Seminars®- Single's Edition


This Seminar is geared towards singles. Focusing on emotional, mental and spiritual intimacy, we will explore how to have a healthy, authentic and loving relationship with self first, and whomever you choose to share it with.  Through self reflection exercises, this seminar will assist you with personal growth and the ability to "Show Up" and be seen while enjoying your singleness. 

The Intimacy Seminars®

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It was fabulous.  Good grown woman conversation!

Excellent Seminar!

I really enjoyed the opportunity to get with other Black women and be able to talk in a open judgment free environment.  The setting was amazing,  the food and drinks allowed for a relaxing environment.  Dr. Johnson is truly gifted and is a living witness about relationships as she herself has been married more than 20+ years.  

The seminar was outstanding.  Great energy.  Great vibes.  

Thank you Dr. Johnson for the enlightenment.  

It was great to have a diversity on women with different perspectives on relationships.  The seminar was educational and motivating to strive for better relationships.  


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